Your guide to a long-distance relationship

Is he/she worth the wait? Are they feeling the same way I do? Is this ever going to work?

If you are in a long-distance relationship, these questions often cross your minds, but then you are one among the few to experience love in a completely different pedestal. We at Star Story celebrate such kind of love, the passion with which these couples manage the everyday turmoil of their partner not being around them.

Piece of advice

  1. Less is always more
    You need not talk with each other 12 hours a day to keep the relationship going. Many couples believe that they need to compensate for the distance with time because in this case, the distance traveled is not proportional with time, the corollary of the theorem. It’s really about teasing at the right moment and tugging at the right spots. The quality always matters not the quantity.

  1. Know each other’s routine
    It’s always better not to disturb your partner at the wrong time. Know what plans he/she has for the next day, meetings and commitments and when your partner would be having the spare time. This is especially essential when both of you are living in different time zones. You may WhatsApp rather than calling for small issues.

  1. Snail-mail your gift.
    Mail each other postcards and hand-written love letters. Send each other gifts occasionally to make them feel your presence. Shop online and surprise each other with amazing stuff, even food at times. These little things do wonders at times. We strongly suggest our personalized star maps as a gift, and we are sure that your partner would love and cherish it forever.

  1. Half glass full
    Fit this in your system and breathe this philosophy. With its baskets of disadvantages, it has intangible advantages that are in abundance. You grow individually unlike many others, who because of always being around each other lead to synchrony of personality and everyday behavior. They do everything together, making them one individual in front of others which does not always give a good impression. There is always diminishing marginal utility or a shakeout stage. But that doesn’t mean that their relationship doesn’t work, they have an upper hand. You have your own time to develop your persona that would complement your partner’s. It is more of an emotional bond than a physical bond making it purer.

  1. Make frequent visits
    Make sure that you plan a frequent visit to your partner, as this is the highlight of every long-distance relationship. After all the waiting and yearning, you finally get to meet each other and fulfill all the little things that you were longing for. Always keep in mind to share the expense of each visit in all possible manner, this would ensure no difficulty in later. Be aware of your parents if you are going without their knowledge to avoid any awkward situations.

  1. Avoid “minacious” situations
    If you are aware that you are going to spend the night with your friends inform your partner beforehand. Don’t be careless concerning this matter as your partner would be worried and would need constant replies from you; don’t put them in a position of emotional turmoil by keeping your fun above it. Also, sometimes it could be “unintentional hang out” that you would need to avoid by keeping yourself in control because you are the master of all your acts. Things that you do are strongly governed by you, and nobody else. If you get into a fight make sure that you resolve it that day itself.

We are sure that these tips would help you in particular and both sides in general.
We at Star Story admire and respect your love and hence we launched the “Long Distance Star Map” to celebrate the love of two souls who have a longing to live together but the restrictions are much bigger than their longing.

We strongly believe- “One day the plane ticket will be one way.”